Dead Sea Body Mud Mask

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A product offered by the nature, harvested directly from the Dead Sea, homogeneous blend of Dead Sea minerals and organic elements. Ayla Dead Sea Body Mud is powerful natural product that draws out impurities while soothing dry or rough skin, helps to ease muscles & nervous tensions and maintains the skin very moisture. Ayla Dead Sea mud is also effective for tighten and invigorating the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. The balance of mineral levels gives the skin a natural stimulation while removing dead cells, and reveals a youthful and vibrant looking skin.

Direction for use:

Apply a handful amount of mud on body, spread with gentile motion and leave for 15 minutes until dry, rinse with lukewarm water, dry the body and use Ayla Body Lotion or Ayla Body Butter.

Direction of use to relief body and feet fatigue:

Heat the mud bag in warm water to body temperature, mask and wrap for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Ayla massage oil is recommended after use.


Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromides, Sulphates, Trace elements such as Lithium, Strontium, Iodine, Phosphorous. Zinc and Chromium .